Faced Duct Wrap Insulation (FDW)

Faced Duct Wrap Insulation


Faced Duct Wrap Insulation is highly efficient, resilient, flexible blanket insulation composed of fine, stable and uniformly textured inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a non-water soluble and fire-retardant thermosetting and heat resistant resin. It is free from coarse fibers and shot due to its mineral composition.


Faced Duct Wrap Insulation is manufactured in a roll form and subsequently faced on one side by factory laminators, with a suitable vapor retardant Aluminium Foil Reinforced Kraft Paper Laminate (FRK), All Service Jacket (ASJ) or other specific vapor barrier for installation on the exterior of ductwork. The facings have UL fire resistant ratings.


Faced Duct Wrap Insulation is intended for use in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction as thermal and acoustical insulation of heating, air conditioning and dual temperature ducts and air handling equipment. The use of AFICO Faced Duct Wrap helps prevent condensation when properly applied to air-condition ductwork. The semi-rigid duct wrap with densities from 24 - 56 kg/m, 1.5 - 3.5 lb/ft3 are flexible insulation rolls for application over irregularly-shaped surfaces where rigidity properties are desired.

Installation Recommendation

Faced Duct Wrap Insulation products are available in rolls. The desired application length can be easily measured and cut from the full roll. AFICO Faced Duct Wrap can be impaled on pins and adhered with recommended adhesive. When using aluminium alloys pins, pin spacing along a duct should be no greater than 300 mm on centers. Fasteners should be located no less than 75 mm from each edge or corner. Apply vapor-seal pressure-sensitive aluminium joint sealing tape to joints and protrusions. 75 mm wide tape should be used.

Note: Outdoor applications require additional weather protection.