25 Sep, 2017

Heavy Density Pipe Insulation (PI)

Pipe Insulation


Pipe Insulation is a heavy density, preformed insulation composed of fine, stable and uniformly textured inorganic glass fibers bonded together by a non-water soluble and fire-retardant thermosetting and heat resistant resin. It is free from coarse fibers and shot due to its mineral composition, molded in one-piece sections and made with a single seam. Heavy Density Pipe Insulation are damage resistant, easy to handle and spread open to receive the pipe and snaps closed after placement.


Heavy Density Pipe Insulation is supplied plain or with a factory-applied jacket for applications requiring an integral vapor barrier. Standard jacketing materials include Aluminium Foil Glass Reinforced Kraft Paper Laminate (FRK), the White All Service Jacket (ASJ) and the Aluminum Foil Woven Fiber Glass Jacket (AWF). All jackets are provided with a nominal 50 mm lap to facilitate closure and vapor sealing of the longitudinal joint. Outdoor or direct bury applications require additional protection from the elements.

Standard available sizes

  • Heavy Density Pipe Insulation is made in standard 1 m and 1.2 m lengths and is available in nominal iron pipe sizes from 12.7 mm (½ in) through 650 mm (26 in) and in nominal copper tube sizes from 15 mm (5/8 in) through 156 mm (6 1/8 in).
  • Nominal wall thickness ranges from 13 mm (½ in) to 100 mm (4 in), with 13 mm (½ in), 25 mm (1 in), 38 mm (1 ½ in), 50 mm (2 in), 64 mm (2 ½ in), 75 mm (3 in) and 100 mm (4 in) as standard.

Normal Density

64 kg/m3 - 128 kg/m3 , 4 lbs/ft3 - 8 lbs/ft3


Heavy Density Pipe Insulation is intended for use in commercial, institutional, industrial and residential construction and in power and process plants as thermal and acoustic insulation for hot or cold, concealed or exposed steel, copper and plastic piping where temperatures are between -18 °C and +450 °C (0 to 850 °F).

Installation Recommendation

Heavy Density Pipe Insulation products are easily installed. The one piece sections are snapped in place on the pipe to be insulated. Longitudinal and butt joints are vapor sealed by application of ASJ or FRK pressure-sensitive tape, or the use of mastics (both supplied separately).
Note: Outdoor applications require additional weather protection.

Fiberglass pipe For Exposed Pipe section faced with Aluminium Woven Glass (AWF) Facing will provide:

  • A substitute for conventional thermal insulation products that requires a costly & labour intensive work at site e.g. protection of pipe insulation by additional weather proofing.
  • An ideal substitute for conventional thermal insulation practices.
  • AWF facing provides factory applied thermal sealing system.
  • Rigid Pipe Coverings is faced with factory applied AWF facing.
  • AWF is aluminium foil laminated with glass fabric.
  • It has extremely high Bursting strength of 270 psi i.e. 3 - 4 times higher than that of conventional facings.
  • It has extremely high Tensile strength of 14.5 KN/m i.e. 3 - 4 times higher than that of conventional facings.
  • AWF is having high mechanical strength, durability and dimensional stability.
  • AWF will achieve water vapor permeance of 0.018 perm better than the conventional facings.
  • AWF can withstand temperature up to 500 °C while other conventional facing are suitable to 100 °C.
  • Rigid Pipe Coverings faced with AWF can be used with no additional requirement of handling and weather protection such as application of canvas + vapor barrier.
  • Rigid Pipe Coverings faced with AWF are not proof, resist the effects of moisture and will not decompose through continual exposure to the elements.
  • Rigid Pipe Covering faced with AWF will maintain their thermal properties through the life time of the construction.
  • Insulation contractors will be benefited as they can save on installation cost because of protection of pipe insulation by applying canvas + vapor barrier will not be needed.