Roof Deck Board Insulation

Roof Deck Board Insulation (RI/RD)



112 kg/m3

(7 lb / ft3)
25-75 mm 1.2 M 1 M


Roof Deck Board Insulation are composed textured inorganic glass fibers bonded together by non-water soluble and fire-retardant thermosetting and heat resistant resin, and formed into rectangular rigid boards of heavy density.

It is free from coarse fibers and shot due to it’s mineral composition.


Board for thermal of structural roof decks. It is designed for use over flat or low slopping nailable, non-nailable and metal roof decks. It’s functions are:

  • To provide resistance to heat flow through the roof systems.
  • To provide a resilient base for the membrane roofing.
  • To reduce effects of deck movement forces on membrane roofing.
  • Good appearance, strength & abuse resistance.

Roof Deck Board Insulation is a rigid glass-fiberboard designed specifically for use with loose-laid, ballasted single-ply roof membrane system, as thermal insulation to reduce heat gain or loss through the roof system. In addition to providing resistance to heat-flow through the roof system, it also conforms to minor deck irregularities, reduces on membrane roofing and provides a dimensionally stable, flat surface for the membrane roofing applications.